Orcas Tracked From Above

orcas nuzzling (or maybe playfully head-butting) each other. Orcas spend their entire lives in family pods, which in some cases can be an entire century.

Despite being apex predators, the orcas are disturbed by vehicles that get too close, leading NOAA to warn drone owners to keep their distance.



via Orcas Tracked From Above | IFLScience.

Largest Dam in the World


The Three Gorges Dam is really an engineering marvel.  Both this infographic and the documentary are worth watching.



Burn it all

EmmissionSpectraDid you know when you burn something you can determine what it is made from by the light that is emitted?

Swedish physicist Angstrom discovered this in 1958.  He later used this to determine that the sun is made from Hydrogen.  During a full solar eclipse, when the moon blocks out the brightness of the sun, you can only then see the sun’s corona enough to determine its composition.

Interesting about this fact, is that the moon is currently at a distance from the earth to actually block out the sun entirely.  If it wasn’t, it would have taken people a lot longer to figure that the sun is mostly made of Hydrogen.

Raven created this great image.  It is a combination of the periodic table of the elements with the Emission Spectrum of each element overlaid it their respective places.


New Computer Architecture



In 2018, your new computer will be 6 times faster and use 80 times less energy.  HP just invented a new computer architecture.  Rather than using generalized CPUs, it uses special purpose ones.  Instead of using electricity is uses light, called photonics.

Check out the HP Discover video explaining all the details.

New Evidence Support Moon Formation

MoonFormationSimulationThe history of the moon is fascinating.   It used to trail the Earth before it crashed into the earth.  At least the is the predominant theory.   New analysis of rocks from the moon have shown further support for this idea as published in Science.

There will be many more posts about the moon including topics on tides, how life started, how it is slowing the earth down and moving away from us, and how it helped us discover the composition of the sun.

For more on moon formation, this article is great.  http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Giant_impact_hypothesis#Theia