One step closer to antigravity

While it will be a long time before we can defy gravity, scientist got one step closer today, discovering that superconductivity is caused by electrons traveling in pairs.  This was published in Nature but is explained a little better in IFLScience.

Stories of Steve

Dr Jamie Seymour,  ‘toxinologist’, was on the boat when Steve Irwin died.  Listen to Jamie talk about that, and how amazing steve was.  Interview provided by Destin who has the awesome SmarterEveryDay show.

Say goodbye to fillings

Visits to the dentist could be pain and drill free within three years

Largest Dam in the World


The Three Gorges Dam is really an engineering marvel.  Both this infographic and the documentary are worth watching.


Tricking Bacteria to Attack Early

In this TED talkBonnie Bassler explains how she it working to trick bacteria to attach the body early, before there is enough bacteria to do any permanent damage to the host.  This is a breakthrough, and will help stop bacteria from becoming drug resistant.

Burn it all

EmmissionSpectraDid you know when you burn something you can determine what it is made from by the light that is emitted?

Swedish physicist Angstrom discovered this in 1958.  He later used this to determine that the sun is made from Hydrogen.  During a full solar eclipse, when the moon blocks out the brightness of the sun, you can only then see the sun’s corona enough to determine its composition.

Interesting about this fact, is that the moon is currently at a distance from the earth to actually block out the sun entirely.  If it wasn’t, it would have taken people a lot longer to figure that the sun is mostly made of Hydrogen.

Raven created this great image.  It is a combination of the periodic table of the elements with the Emission Spectrum of each element overlaid it their respective places.