New Evidence Support Moon Formation

MoonFormationSimulationThe history of the moon is fascinating.   It used to trail the Earth before it crashed into the earth.  At least the is the predominant theory.   New analysis of rocks from the moon have shown further support for this idea as published in Science.

There will be many more posts about the moon including topics on tides, how life started, how it is slowing the earth down and moving away from us, and how it helped us discover the composition of the sun.

For more on moon formation, this article is great.


The Panda Ant isn’t an Ant



Here at Sic Science we love ants.  How cool is this Panda Ant.  Doesn’t it look a little strange? Turns out it is not an ant at all but rather part of species of wingless wasps.  Yes, wingless wasps.  Which is interesting because ants are descendants of wasps.

Their sting is said to be strong enough to kill a cow, which is doubtful.  They apparently also make a squeal when stepped on.

Find out more on Wikipedia, because, you know, it works in practice just not in theory.




Net Neutrality by John Oliver

Net Neutrality is back on the cards after the government was sued to bring it back.  Check out this funny video where John Oliver describes all the issues.

Some facts from the  video: Comcast spent $18 million on lobbying last year.  That is the second highest.  Obama plays golf with the CEO of Comcast.  Obama just appointed  a senior lobbyist as the chairman of the FCC.

John provides a link where you can comment to the FCC at and this issue currently has 45645 comments withing the last 30 days.

(Proceeding # 14-28 Protecting and Promoting the Open Internet)