Underground Ocean NOT Discovered

I lot of science sources are publishing that a huge underground reservoir has been discovered based on information publish in this Science article.

The article seems to imply that water is trapped in other forms so it is NOT technically an ocean as we know it.

Amazing Star Time-lapse Video

Check out this amazing video of a star outburst.  Watch as a giant dust ring expands and transforms.    We have discovered so much about the stars and have so much more to learn.  Being able to see and measure an event like this is truly amazing.

The star is called V838 Monocerotis, and more details can be found on it’s Wikipedia page.

Manipulating Mosquito Sex

MosquitoScientists have been able manipulate mosquito sperm such that they produce males 95% of the time.  Females mosquitos are the ones that bite and are the carriers of malaria.

In tests with wild mosquitoes, entire populations of mosquitoes were bred to death within several generations.  This result was achieved in 80% of tests.

Even if this break through is not perfect it would save millions of lives.   It is estimated that over half a million people die from malaria every year.

An important question is what would the down stream impacts of a world without mosquitoes be? Fish eat a lot of larvae and only about 100 of 3500 species of mosquito bite humans.

This is an interesting Nature article about what would happen if we made mosquitoes extinct.