Origami: Art and Science

Robert Lang is a physicist who worked at NASA studying lasers and has 46 patents on optoelectronics to his name. However, that's not what he's best known for now: he's a legend in the world of origami. His intricate designs are second to none, and they actually have applications back in engineering.

Posted by Great Big Story on Thursday, March 16, 2017

Growing Food Locally and Sustainably in Shipping Containers

Elon Musk’s brother, Kimbal, helped to create squarerootsgrow.com.  10 steel shipping container farms where young entrepreneurs work to develop vertical farming startups. Unlike traditional outdoor farms, vertical farms grow soil-free crops indoors and under LED lights.  Six weeks into the 12-month program, just after the entrepreneurs completed their first harvests


The largest Artificial Sun

The “sun” will be used to to determine the optimal setup needed to to power a reaction that produces hydrogen fuel.  “We’d need billions of tonnes of hydrogen if we wanted to drive [airplanes] and cars on CO2-free fuel,” Hoffschmidt explained. “Climate change is speeding up so we need to speed up innovation.”

In the future, the facility may be used to test the durability of space travel parts when blasted by solar radiation, so not only could Synlight help us deal with our energy crisis here on Earth, it could help us explore worlds far beyond our own, too.

via The world’s largest ‘Artificial Sun’ has just been switched on in Germany – ScienceAlert.