Cars generating electricity from wheel friction

If you are wondering what on earth a triboelectric effect is, the simple movement of rubbing a balloon on your head making your hair stand up can answer that question – the movement generates static electricity. During the tests, the friction generated between tire and ground is what fuels the vehicle. The researchers in the study found that this friction with the asphalt consumes about 10% of the total fuel consumed by the vehicle

via Energy-generating car tires are created using new nanogenerator.

Airless tires are coming closer to reality

Airless tires have taken a huge step towards coming closer to production thanks to the Hankook iFlex tire having gone through many high speed tests. This is the companies fifth attempt at bringing tires without air to the market and with it comes numerous benefits to the environment in comparison to using the conventional tires. –

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One in a billion star

An international team of researchers, with the assistance of amateur astronomers, have discovered a unique binary star system: the first known such system where one star completely eclipses the other. It is a type of two-star system known as a Cataclysmic Variable, where one super dense white dwarf star is stealing gas from its companion star, effectively ‘cannibalising’ it.

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