Yellow Jack Nest Building Timelapse

****** The huge wasp nest in its final form: *****

***A new video with sound of the wasps from an external microphone***…

***A first attempt of a time-lapse video (1 shot per 5sec)***

***A sneak peek of the final time-lapse video of the Window Wasp Nest***…

Big wasps are building a huge nest on my window. I can observe its construction in real-time cross-section!

See all the future videos in “Wasps” playlist:…

How Did Lakes Form on Titan’s Surface?

Titan’s lakes are reminiscent of karstic landforms that we have on Earth, which form when dissolvable rock (like limestone) erodes as groundwater and rainfall move through it, resulting in sinkhole-like depressions.

Liquid hydrocarbons on Titan play a similar role to water on Earth: the hydrocarbons have caused erosion of dissolvable rock, resulting in a vast network of lakes and river-like formations that carry liquid across the moon’s surface. The large lakes stretch hundreds of miles across and several hundred feed deep.

via How Did Lakes Form on Titan’s Surface? | Discovery Blog | Discovery.

Researchers discover first sensor of Earth’s magnetic field in an animal

Animals as diverse as migrating geese, sea turtles and wolves are known to navigate using the Earth’s magnetic field. But until now, no one has pinpointed quite how they do it. The sensor, found in worms called C. elegans, is a microscopic structure at the end of a neuron that other animals probably share, given similarities in brain structure across species. The sensor looks like a nano-scale TV antenna, and the worms use it to navigate underground.

via Researchers discover first sensor of Earth’s magnetic field in an animal.