Urine as fuel

Some teens in Africa have been experimenting with urine as an alternative fuel source.  Read about it below and see if you think this is viable.


SpaceX Landing Rockets

SpaceX has launched and landed a second rocket.  Yes, landing the same way it takes off.  I remember when this only happened in video games.  Watch the video.

Coke Bottle Tools


The Coca-Cola Company does a lot of bad things.  But this time they have invented a set of tools to make their empty bottles more useful.  Watch the video.

Plant Talk

Plants communicate with each other both above and below ground as described in this video, and it is pretty interesting.

One step closer to antigravity

While it will be a long time before we can defy gravity, scientist got one step closer today, discovering that superconductivity is caused by electrons traveling in pairs.  This was published in Nature but is explained a little better in IFLScience.

Stories of Steve

Dr Jamie Seymour,  ‘toxinologist’, was on the boat when Steve Irwin died.  Listen to Jamie talk about that, and how amazing steve was.  Interview provided by Destin who has the awesome SmarterEveryDay show.