How to make solid nitrogen

Some amazing things have been observed when boiling nitrogen in a vacuum.  The endothermic reaction (similar to how we cool when sweating) of the boiling removes so much heat the nitrogen turns into a solid.  Then something amazing happens.  The molecules snap into their desired arrangement causing all the ice to spontaneous crack.  Watch the video.

Time to eat insects

The future of food production: Insects – All the nutritional value you need, without out the environmental complications.    Ever heard of insect flour?

200 square meters of land is required to grow a pound of beef,  but it only takes 15 square meters to grow one pound of crickets.

As fresh water diminishes the fact that 1 kilogram of beef requires 22,000 liters of water to produce while that of a cricket only requires 1 liter, yes one liter.  Additionally we only consume 40% of a cow where we could consume 80% of a cricket.

Watch the video for more information.


Origami Telescopes

What does origami and telescopes have in common? Well the replacement telescope for the hubble is so large is need to be folded in order to be launched.  Watch the video.

We <3 Infographics

Here is a real time retail spending infographic.  Is starts counting when you load the page.  Let help this infographic out, and go buy some things we do not need! 😉